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August 7, 2015 by Jason Smith

ZapLeaf.com is my site geared towards helping software developers create a better. Personal finance, careers, technology, personal growth, continuing education, its all fair game.

So How Can I Help?

Help You Break Free From Financial Stress

Controlling my finances has to be one of the top factors is gaining control of my life. Entire blogs have been created solely for personal finance. Countless books, some painfully large, have been written. I have read over a dozen of them. For the most part though, I only implement a fraction of what these books and blogs talk about.

It’s like the 80/20 thing, however, with personal finance it’s more like 90/10. Because you only need to know about 10% of all that personal finance information to gain 90% of the rewards.

This 10% has not changed in over 100 years. No Joke. Samuel Smiles published Thrift in 1875 where he outlines nearly all the same concepts today’s financial gurus teach.

And My results from this 10%:

  1. No credit cards in several years
  2. Paid cash for our wedding
  3. Every vacation is paid for before we walk out the door (including an Ireland trip and renting a beach house for an entire month)
  4. We are saving for college
  5. We are saving for retirement
  6. No debt besides a Mortgage in years