Windows IoT Service Matrix

Matrix is my first Windows IoT project.

Rapid Skill Acquisition in Just 20 Hours

In Josh Kaufman’s TED talk, The first 20 hours — how to learn anything, he describes how a skill can be acquired in about 20 hours. This is in stark contrast to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule. Here is the trick though. Malcom’s 10,000 hour rule is to become a master of a skill while Josh’s to quire a skill to the point of practical use. Thankfully, the vast majority of time you only need practical use of a skill, […]

Track Your Financial Success

If you want complete control over your finances you are going to have to start tracking your money. Tracking your finances is not just about tracking your spending. Tracking should also about tracking your progress. This tracking does not have to be difficult. Tracking where your money goes will open your eyes to how much you are really spending things. Most likely there will be some surprises after just a few months of tracking. After a year there could be […]

Avoid Modern Financial Products

Financial companies create financial products for only one reason, to make a profit. The only way these products will continue to be sold is if the companies who sell them continue to make a profit. For them to make a profit they need to get someone to give up their money. Do I think there is a conspiracy against the middle and lower class by companies, executives, and business owners? Of course not. But I also do not believe there […]

Dump Your Life Sucking Debt

Your debt is a measure of how much of your future time and money is owned by someone else. Debt is spending your future resources of Time and Income to have material possessions today that you cannot currently afford. You are attaching your future dollars to someone else. Consumer debt is a harmful tool. As long as you have debt there will always be someone telling you what you have to do with your money. Debt also reduces the value […]

A Mindset of Kicking Financial Stress Out of Your Life

After reading dozens of books, watched hundreds of hours of documentaries and shows and listened to countless hours of audio on personal finance and you really only need to know few things to succeed. is successful people think, act and perceive the world differently. This behavior gives them the ability to see reality differently, ultimately allowing them to create their reality. A reality so many feel is impossible. If they realize it even exists at all. This is not to […]

4 Simple Steps to Creating Great Ideas

Technique for Producing Ideas is a short book, under 40 pages, that outlines a technique to answer: “Can a formula or technique be developed to answer: How do you get Ideas?” – James Young The book, written by James Webb Young, was originally a speech written for advertising graduates of the University of Chicago around 1940. It has since fallen into the public domain and is available in PDF. Two important general principles when creating ideas. One is that an […]